Why is independence so important to seniors?


Getting older is not something we are looking forward to, especially if we had gotten used to being active and independent. But, with age, come reduced mobility and certain health problems that force us to stop running around all day long and rather take a nap in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, most seniors fear that there will come a day in which they will no longer be able to look after themselves. So why is independence crucial for seniors and what can we do to provide that to them?



It maintains balance and strength

At some point in our lives, the little victories such as walking down to the grocery store on your own or climbing a few stairs represent the most important moments of the day. Seniors need their sense of independence to keep the strength of their muscles and their balance. Physical activity is vital for people who still want to feel young and have a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, it is essential to let your parents, uncles or grandparents deal with their own daily chores as much as possible and to encourage them to stay active and improve their strength.


It gives a sense of purpose

The most common fear of seniors is that of becoming meaningless in life. Their entire lives had a purpose – to finish school, to get the best job, to get married, to have kids, to look after kids or grandchildren. However, at a certain point, grandchildren become adults and, all of a sudden, seniors realize they don’t have a purpose in life anymore.

Therefore, the best way to keep seniors integrated into the society and help them have a purpose is to allow them to perform minor daily tasks such as cooking or light cleaning, looking after grandchildren or great-grandchildren, and others.

Family dinners, movie nights or game nights represent the perfect opportunities for seniors to prove they can still look after themselves and be great hosts. Perhaps, light volunteering or charity activities would also be great for elders to increase their self-confidence and allow them to feel included in society again.

And, if they chose an activity that implies standing on their feet or walking on their own, perhaps these cheaper alternatives of senior walkers will come in handy.


It boosts memory skills

Memory loss is a common sign of aging but, with the right supplements and a healthy lifestyle, these symptoms can be alleviated. Staying active will actually increase blood flow to the brain This will stimulate neuronal activity which will also help preserve memory.

In other words, we believe that your parents or grandparents should be in control of their daily routines to boost their memory skills. From remembering to take their pills to making short grocery lists or even writing in a journal – all these activities will stimulate the brain and the memory.

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