Vacuum cleaners vs. electric brooms. A neverending dilemma


Before starting to get the hang of this problem, let’s define the terms first. A vacuum cleaner is a nifty device that uses air to suck up dirt from every surface possible via an air pump. It is a machine that is effortless to use, and that is very efficient even when you have to handle narrow corners.

An electric sweeper is a hybrid between the classic broom and a hoover. It utilizes a vacuum system as well, but it is light and thin and looks like a sweeper as it has the same style of head and the same type of handle. It is lightweight and it’s perfect to be used on flat surfaces without even sweating. Maybe the Shark Navigator Freestyle vacuum is one product that meets the both of both worlds.

Before deciding which one is the best, you have to ask yourself what are you going to use either of these devices for? Because in order to make a good decision and to buy the perfect machine, it has to fit your needs. For example, if you’re mostly going to use it for carpets and walls, then go for an electric broom. They are not as heavy as vacuums and can be lifted by anyone.

But if you plan to use it for many things, such as paintings, sofas and other things that vary in shape and size, the traditional vacuum can be a much better choice as its head can be changed to fit those that you have to clean. It might be chunkier, but it has more power than a regular electric broom. And one of the best product on the market is this one from Vax.

Another thing that separates these two products is the frequency with which you are going to use them. If you think that you are going to clean daily, then go for the compact sweep. It is easy to take out of your storage space and to move from one room to another. But if you don’t have time to sweep the floors daily, and you’re thinking about doing it once a week, then a vacuum might be better for that, as it is will remove even the tiniest speck of dust.

Speaking of storage, you might want to think about how much available space you have for one of these products. If you live in a tiny apartment and if storage is a huge problem for you, you might want to go for an electric broom, since it has a smaller footprint. A vacuum has a larger body, thus you need a closet or a basement of some sort where to keep it.

So which one wins? The truth is that both of them win. They are both great tools for the right customer. You just need a moment of introspection to see what you want and what you need from such a product. And if you can afford it, it’s even a better idea to buy them both and use them interchangeably.


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