Everything you needed to know about drill presses

I always wanted to be an extraordinary woodcrafter. To fulfill this much delayed ambition, I cleaned up my garage this Sunday to made space for woodwork workshop. While looking for the necessary tools for my hobby, it dawned on me that a drill presser is an investment for any woodworker. Why? Aside from the fact that it heightens the ‘feels’ of being an ultimate presser, it gives additional usability and accuracy in work and production. While looking for more information about a drill press I stumbled upon a website that told me everything about the drill presses. Here are some of the most important fixtures you may want to try with your basic drill press:

  • DRILL PRESS TABLE. These tables may vary from basic to deluxe, according to your type. You may choose between a Benchtop Table and a Floor Model Machine. Drawers may come in handy for tables. You can have convenient storage for your drill samples and bits along with other accessories. According to brand, the presence of knobs and mounting tracks may vary. Deluxe ones come with bolt.
  • DRILL PRESS TABLE INSERTS. Too much breakouts on drilling? Have these table inserts. These may reduce break outs when drilling holes. Some may be usable on both sides.
  • DRILL PRESS ROLLER SUPPORT. Two hands are never enough on drill pressing. Do you agree? Well, these roller supports are the answer to your prayers. This tool can be adjusted for accurate levelling. This is a great help in the positioning of wood blocks across the table.
  • FLEX SHAFT. This is very useful for power transfer. This shaft provides smooth utilization of the chuck, or even a corded hand drill. According to brand, the handle may vary that may give you good grip control.
  • DRILL PRESS LASER GUIDE. If you are a perfectionist, then this laser guide is just simply perfect for you. Say goodbye for drill wastes due to wrong angles and positions. Say hello to the much-awaited accuracy and precision! For me, this accessory is the topnotch of them all. Who does not want a bull’s eye target right on center point?! (Yeah, I intended it to be redundant. Because that’s how it feels!)
  • DRILL PRESS CLAMP. This too, is another champ! The Champ Clamp! This holds your wood in place and helps to avoid unwanted movements, thus uniform pressure in ensured. Have them together with the Press Laser Guide, and Voila! You’re on your way to perfection.
  • MAGNETIC BASE LIGHT. This tool is helpful when you get to work in dim areas, or under certain circumstances, you were rushing your work and lights were suddenly out. Let there be light! And there was Magnetic Base Light.


There are also radial drill presses, a subject we will cover in a new post.

Try these to create marvels out of wood!


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