The best equipment to land smallmouth bass

Many anglers have dedicated their experience and abilities to bass fishing. This is one of the most popular species in America, and has a reputation of being one of the most rebellious and tenacious species out there.

Though there are fourteen varieties of bass, only three of them have gained fame and popularity: the smallmouth bass, the largemouth bass and the spotted bass. The biggest of the three is the largemouth, commonly mistaken for the spotted bass. The difference between the two is that the second one is much smaller. But, the most sought after bass variety is the smallmouth, because it is the most aggressive of the three.

As you might have already guessed, catching them is not an easy task, as they are as sneaky as they are aggressive and you can easily ignore it when they bite. For this reason, the most important piece of equipment that cannot, under any circumstance, lack your fishing equipment, is a highly sensitive rod. Your best option in this case is a graphite blank, as this material is renowned for its sensitivity to movement. In addition, I recommend you acquire a medium or fast action rod, fitted with a cork grip – a natural material that makes a great job at absorbing vibrations coming from the shaft. My personal preference is the medium action one, as it makes the fight with the fish seemingly more arduous.

Regarding the power of the rod, a medium, medium-heavy or heavy rod will ensure resistance to any amount of pressure, but, for smallmouth bass you can also put your faith in a light power one, though that wouldn’t be my personal choice.

You can determine by yourself if you want a spinning or a baitcasting rod, but I would definitely go for a 6 -7 feet long blank. You can use a smaller one too, but only if you feel like it is the most comfortable option and if you are required to make precise casts. When it comes to the reel, you don’t need a high-speed one, but one from the medium speed category, with a 6:4:1 ratio. I mostly prefer gear from well-known manufacturers such as Shimano, St. Croix and Abu Garcia – the third one being my favorite.

For the bait, you can choose between rubber worms, spinnerbaits and topwater baits, depending on the rod you decide for, in the end. However, if you’re going for a spinning rod, I advise you to use a lighter lure that works better with this type. I believe spinner baits and rubber worms are your best shot at landing bass. The first category is light and is able to attract bass by its spinning movement, while the second one, besides being light and great to use with spinning rods, has the advantage of looking lifelike and fools them immediately.

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