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Getting older is not something we are looking forward to, especially if we had gotten used to being active and independent. But, with age, come reduced mobility and certain health problems that force us to stop running around all day long and rather take a nap in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, most seniors fear that there will come a day in which they will no longer be able to look after themselves. So why is independence crucial for seniors and what can we do to provide that to them?



It maintains balance and strength

At some point in our lives, the little victories such as walking down to the grocery store on your own or climbing a few stairs represent the most important moments of the day. Seniors need their sense of independence to keep the strength of their muscles and their balance. Physical activity is vital for people who still want to feel young and have a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, it is essential to let your parents, uncles or grandparents deal with their own daily chores as much as possible and to encourage them to stay active and improve their strength.


It gives a sense of purpose

The most common fear of seniors is that of becoming meaningless in life. Their entire lives had a purpose – to finish school, to get the best job, to get married, to have kids, to look after kids or grandchildren. However, at a certain point, grandchildren become adults and, all of a sudden, seniors realize they don’t have a purpose in life anymore.

Therefore, the best way to keep seniors integrated into the society and help them have a purpose is to allow them to perform minor daily tasks such as cooking or light cleaning, looking after grandchildren or great-grandchildren, and others.

Family dinners, movie nights or game nights represent the perfect opportunities for seniors to prove they can still look after themselves and be great hosts. Perhaps, light volunteering or charity activities would also be great for elders to increase their self-confidence and allow them to feel included in society again.

And, if they chose an activity that implies standing on their feet or walking on their own, perhaps these cheaper alternatives of senior walkers will come in handy.


It boosts memory skills

Memory loss is a common sign of aging but, with the right supplements and a healthy lifestyle, these symptoms can be alleviated. Staying active will actually increase blood flow to the brain This will stimulate neuronal activity which will also help preserve memory.

In other words, we believe that your parents or grandparents should be in control of their daily routines to boost their memory skills. From remembering to take their pills to making short grocery lists or even writing in a journal – all these activities will stimulate the brain and the memory.

Vacuum cleaners vs. electric brooms. A neverending dilemma


Before starting to get the hang of this problem, let’s define the terms first. A vacuum cleaner is a nifty device that uses air to suck up dirt from every surface possible via an air pump. It is a machine that is effortless to use, and that is very efficient even when you have to handle narrow corners.

An electric sweeper is a hybrid between the classic broom and a hoover. It utilizes a vacuum system as well, but it is light and thin and looks like a sweeper as it has the same style of head and the same type of handle. It is lightweight and it’s perfect to be used on flat surfaces without even sweating. Maybe the Shark Navigator Freestyle vacuum is one product that meets the both of both worlds.

Before deciding which one is the best, you have to ask yourself what are you going to use either of these devices for? Because in order to make a good decision and to buy the perfect machine, it has to fit your needs. For example, if you’re mostly going to use it for carpets and walls, then go for an electric broom. They are not as heavy as vacuums and can be lifted by anyone.

But if you plan to use it for many things, such as paintings, sofas and other things that vary in shape and size, the traditional vacuum can be a much better choice as its head can be changed to fit those that you have to clean. It might be chunkier, but it has more power than a regular electric broom. And one of the best product on the market is this one from Vax.

Another thing that separates these two products is the frequency with which you are going to use them. If you think that you are going to clean daily, then go for the compact sweep. It is easy to take out of your storage space and to move from one room to another. But if you don’t have time to sweep the floors daily, and you’re thinking about doing it once a week, then a vacuum might be better for that, as it is will remove even the tiniest speck of dust.

Speaking of storage, you might want to think about how much available space you have for one of these products. If you live in a tiny apartment and if storage is a huge problem for you, you might want to go for an electric broom, since it has a smaller footprint. A vacuum has a larger body, thus you need a closet or a basement of some sort where to keep it.

So which one wins? The truth is that both of them win. They are both great tools for the right customer. You just need a moment of introspection to see what you want and what you need from such a product. And if you can afford it, it’s even a better idea to buy them both and use them interchangeably.



Thinking of gifting something unique this father’s day! If your father’s heart pounds for fishing  then fish GPS aka Fish finder is what must be on your mind and purchase list. This is a revolutionary product for all the fishing maniacs, since it is convenient to use and easy to install. Its convenience and versatility makes it a must have equipment in a fishing kit, whenever you plan a fishing expedition.

It makes the job easier by locating the fish even in the deepest and the farthest parts of the water bodies where you will not try to reach just on speculation. Be it micro or macro, the fish finder helps in locating every kind of sea creatures and fish. The fish finder comes with a screen to give visibility that makes it easily interpretable and ability to understand the data displayed on the screen.

Although some products with exceptional features are a bit on the pricey side, you cannot go wrong with these beauties. Of course, it is a one-time investment that will go a long way in offering satisfaction in the game called fishing. After gifting it to my father, I noticed a huge change in my Dad’s attitude towards this favorite pastime.


Some brands of fish finder goes another step ahead and offer some amazing features to use like Structure Scan, Down-Scan Imaging (DSI), down imaging, side imaging etc. It flawlessly helps in locating the right places at the right moment to have some of the greatest fishing experiences with maximum benefits. The SONAR system provided in some brands is excellent and works really efficiently giving the most accurate position of your hunt. If you shirk away from complicated and difficult to use devices, then leave all your fears. The fish finder is an easy to install device that you can use by following a few easy to follow DIY steps.

Some other benefits of installing a fishfinder on your boat includes ascertaining the count of fish, understanding the speed of waves, guessing the size of fish, indicating the water temperature, finding the depth, charting your desired course and what not. These benefits will not only minimize your work but also reduce many tensions regarding fishing.  Like me you will be glad that your gift will become a “dream product” of your dad.

If you are a professional in the fishing business, then this one gadget will handle all the issues related to reaching the most suitable location to maximize your catch. It not only increases the income by enhancing the yield of fishing but also makes the fishing business richer and richer with each trip to sea. Its smooth handling will make your business flourish and you will find yourself always ready for the numerous fishing excursions.


Whether you are just a hobbyist or a competent fisher with an eye to grow in fishing business, a fish finder is the right device to meet all kind of fishing needs. Just install it and enjoy the rich treasure hidden in deep waters.

Many anglers have dedicated their experience and abilities to bass fishing. This is one of the most popular species in America, and has a reputation of being one of the most rebellious and tenacious species out there.

Though there are fourteen varieties of bass, only three of them have gained fame and popularity: the smallmouth bass, the largemouth bass and the spotted bass. The biggest of the three is the largemouth, commonly mistaken for the spotted bass. The difference between the two is that the second one is much smaller. But, the most sought after bass variety is the smallmouth, because it is the most aggressive of the three.

As you might have already guessed, catching them is not an easy task, as they are as sneaky as they are aggressive and you can easily ignore it when they bite. For this reason, the most important piece of equipment that cannot, under any circumstance, lack your fishing equipment, is a highly sensitive rod. Your best option in this case is a graphite blank, as this material is renowned for its sensitivity to movement. In addition, I recommend you acquire a medium or fast action rod, fitted with a cork grip – a natural material that makes a great job at absorbing vibrations coming from the shaft. My personal preference is the medium action one, as it makes the fight with the fish seemingly more arduous.

Regarding the power of the rod, a medium, medium-heavy or heavy rod will ensure resistance to any amount of pressure, but, for smallmouth bass you can also put your faith in a light power one, though that wouldn’t be my personal choice.

You can determine by yourself if you want a spinning or a baitcasting rod, but I would definitely go for a 6 -7 feet long blank. You can use a smaller one too, but only if you feel like it is the most comfortable option and if you are required to make precise casts. When it comes to the reel, you don’t need a high-speed one, but one from the medium speed category, with a 6:4:1 ratio. I mostly prefer gear from well-known manufacturers such as Shimano, St. Croix and Abu Garcia – the third one being my favorite.

For the bait, you can choose between rubber worms, spinnerbaits and topwater baits, depending on the rod you decide for, in the end. However, if you’re going for a spinning rod, I advise you to use a lighter lure that works better with this type. I believe spinner baits and rubber worms are your best shot at landing bass. The first category is light and is able to attract bass by its spinning movement, while the second one, besides being light and great to use with spinning rods, has the advantage of looking lifelike and fools them immediately.

If you would want to learn more about bass fishing be sure to check out this site:


Emergency weather radios are products especially designed to keep you safe in potentially dangerous circumstances. An emergency weather radio will alert you in any weather hazard situation, or if the weather unexpectedly changes, by receiving alerts coming from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), that uses its own network NWR (National Weather Radio) and frequency to alert civilians in such circumstances.
Moreover, NOAA will also alert you in emergency situations that are not directly linked to the weather in your area, but with environmental disasters such as chemical spills or health emergency situations like epidemics or the presence of harmful bacteria. If you haven’t yet found the time to acquire a weather radio, you should do it as soon as possible. Though many manufacturers have specialized in building high-quality devices, portable or for home use, certain products come equipped with more useful features to help you in dangerous circumstances than others.
Therefore, if you’re looking for a product to keep you alerted at all times, but that is also equipped to help you on the spot, and that you can easily take with you, you should acquire a hand crank radio. Such a device is designed to be portable, so you can take it on the road if you’re travelling, but you can also keep it inside your house or on your front porch. Bottom line, you can always keep it close to you. You can even stick it in your pockets as it comes with reduced dimensions, to enhance its portability.
The most important feature of a hand crank radio is its manually operated energy generator. You can easily spot the crank-handle with which the product is fitted that will enable your radio to function even in situations when its batteries have run down. But, since dangerous situations may not always give you the time to manually recharge your radio, a number of products can be recharged using solar energy or include a USB port so you can recharge it using a computer. However, emergency alert radios include other life-saving features, besides alerting you when it is time to run for your life. Most of them are fitted with powerful lanterns for electric power failure situations and, due to the micro USB feature, they can also recharge your phone if you need it for an emergency phone call.
An emergency radio won’t provide your phone enough energy for you to be able to sustain an hour long conversation, but it will charge it enough for you to be able to call 911 to the rescue. The only thing you should keep in mind when purchasing one is that you must choose carefully what product you buy, as not all of them are able to offer what they promise.


A SUV is a great way to travel with your family. You have plenty of  space for storing your suitcases and other gear, and everyone has room to sit comfortably. Another advantage to traveling in a SUV is the vehicle’s versatility. When it is time to stop for the night the seats can be folded down to create a spacious sleeping area that has room for everyone. While a few sleeping bags and a couple of pillows will give you a relatively comfortable place to sleep in your SUV, you could easily turn it into an affordable and fun camping adventure that everyone in your family can enjoy with the addition of a truck tent.

A SUV or truck tent is the perfect way to travel and camp with your family. These tents are generally easy to set up, and take down, and most are manufactured to fit almost any model SUV. The tent is designed to attach to the back of the vehicle to add more sleeping space so you and your family can enjoy a comfortable night under the stars.

One truck tent that is popular with SUV owners is the 82000 Sportz. Since it measures 9 x 9 feet you will have plenty of room for everyone to stretch out, and with 7 feet of headroom even taller adults can move around comfortably. You will love how easy this truck tent is to set up, one person can do it without any help. This allows you to quickly set the campsite up and get back to enjoying your outdoor adventure with your family.

Since the weather during camping is not always pleasant, the tent is designed to keep everything safe and dry ( click here to read more on this subject). The floor is designed to keep water and moisture away from your gear, and the tent also comes with an effective rain protection system. Even during thunderstorms you and your family can still have a fun camping trip with this truck tent.

SUV camping is gaining in popularity, especially with families. It is a more affordable option than spending the night in hotels along the way, and it allows you to experience all of the fun and benefits of outdoor camping without any of the discomfort. Whether it is for a night or an extended trip, a SUV or truck tent might be just what you need to have a great outdoor adventure that you and your family will never forget.

As one of the biggest cities in the world, you can find anything in New York. If anything, it would be hard to name a service that you couldn’t find here. So, if you’ve recently moved in, or if you’re a tourist and you really want to enjoy a relaxing evening after wandering through the city, visiting monuments and tourist attractions, you should check out these wonderful spas in New York.

The Spa Castel is one of the most popular foot spa centers in The Big Apple and internet reviews show that visitors are mostly satisfied with the services provided in this facility. The name of the foot spa lets you know that you are entering a thoroughly equipped center, where you can enjoy a large spa variety. You can enjoy 7 different types of sauna, various massage rooms, pools, body scrub treatments and alcohol can be served to the clients of the spa (not strong alcohol though). Unfortunately, the weekends are positively crowded and there is barely place to move, so you might want to go there during the week.


If you want to visit an extremely luxurious spa, the Guerlain spa center will provide you with high-quality services and well-trained experts. It is located in the Waldorf Astoria hotel and it provides everything you’ve ever wanted from a spa. The center includes 15 treatment rooms, skincare treatments, makeup sessions with Guerlain Paris products, and it organizes exclusive special events for its clients. It is the ideal place if you want to pamper yourself as you’ve never had before.

However, if you’re looking for something less luxurious and implicitly less expensive, you can visit the Turkish and Russian baths that have scored high among tourists’ preferences. Though not your usual spa, this place will show you how people around the world have adapted their traditions to New York, and it will give you a glimpse of the variety that the city offers when it comes to interesting people and places. As clients have characterized it, the place has an authentic touch to it and, for an affordable price, it offers traditional services that have been used for their beneficial effects for centuries. Furthermore, you will be provided with spa services that not even the most luxurious packages at a high-end facility do not include.

Most certainly, if you browse the web, there are many spa facilities that you can visit and enjoy around New York, as there is no shortage of offers in this area. However, if you just want to relax by yourself in the intimacy of your house or you’ve had enough of visiting, you can try your own homemade spa. You’ll notice that many of the ingredients used in foot spa treatments offered by wellness centers you can easily find in cosmetic shops or for sale in supermarkets. You can also browse the internet for great spa ingredients and mix them in your warm bath. Though you may not prepare an excellent foot bath at your first attempt, you will be able to enjoy it for a longer period of time and with great cost reductions.


Tropical fish require a lot of care because they won’t stand freshwater for a single minute. Considering their needs with regards to oxygen and other biological conditions, users may need the assistance of a special sump pump destined for a saltwater aquarium. It seems that the Aqueon 34500 ProFlex 1 is a good alternative, as it doesn’t cost a lot of money but it’s more than capable of removing unnecessary particles. Besides, the pump does an excellent job when it comes to offering an advanced biological filtration.

One of the benefits provided by this model is that it is incredibly easy to install, without needing any technical knowledge on the part of the owner. In addition, it provides a neat combination of versatility and convenience and even has a beautiful design. From what we have gathered, the model does not make a lot of noise while it is operating, which makes the difference between this unit and the other ones destined for saltwater. Some sump pumps make so much noise that they even manage to stress out the fish.

Since it has a clean and sleek-looking design, the Aqueon 34500 ProFlex 1 might even go unnoticed once someone visiting your home might be trying to look at the entire system in your aquarium. Plus, this alternative can be used both as a refugium and as a berlin, but this doesn’t mean that it’s any less capable when being employed as a wet/dry filtration system.

If you have a large reef application, you probably need to check out the specs of the Aqueon 34500 ProFlex 1, as it seems to have been developed primarily for situations where a large protein skimmer is mandatory. Thanks to its features, this sump pump makes it possible for the water level to remain constant regardless of any conditions. It goes without saying that, since it features such expansive sump chambers, the model lets owners utilize a protein skimmer that’s anything but small.

While there have been several reviews mentioning that installation might not be as simple as advertised by the manufacturer, it seems that this saltwater option offers just the results you might have been looking for. For instance, one individual reports that he’s very happy with the purchase considering that, following several months of use, he noticed significant improvements in the water condition for his ten discus. Other buyers say that they appreciate the fact that the Aqueon 34500 ProFlex 1 allows a lot of room for customizations, in that it even permits users to install separate timers that can schedule the return pump. In spite of the fact that some people might have liked a smaller pump, they’re overall satisfied with what they got as they were able to place the model under the aquarium or build a cabinet especially for it.


Radar detectors can be helpful while riding a motorcycle when used the right way. While a number of people and traffic officials consider this a dangerous device, if you use a radar detector on your motorcycle in a correct manner you will benefit from it. One major benefit of this device is that you can avoid the areas which are prone to traffic congestion and jams.  Here are a few tips on how you can use it effectively.


Once you find the right radar detector meant for your motorcycle model, it becomes easy to mount it. You need to find a kit that fits properly and comes with all the required accessories you need. Placement of a radar detector is very important.  You need to ensure that you mount the radar in the right place for best usage. Most of the radar detectors can be mounted on the handlebar of the motorcycle; however a few models need to be attached to the rearview mirror of the bike. You need to see where you are most comfortable in placing the radar so that it does not come in your view or disturb you while driving.


Correct Mode

This is essential because if you have not selected the right mode for the radar, you may get distracted while riding. You must not adjust the settings while riding. It something that is risky and must be avoided in all conditions to avoid any mishap. Make sure you set the radar detector for settings like the frequency of the signals, threat urgency, and severity each time before you begin your journey. This takes only a few minutes and helps to keep you safe. Always make sure you select the city mode when you’re riding within the city and switch to ‘highway’ mode when you’re on the highway. Choosing the right mode will help you focus on your journey.


Visual Alerts

While it’s not safe to keep looking at the radar detector while riding, but it is essential to observe the alerts. Although it can be distracting, make sure you do get the right updates without bumping into another vehicle. It’s similar to looking into your rearview mirror and once you’ve mastered the art of checking the radar detector quickly, you’ll enjoy its benefits. You must get the right app installed on the radar detector to get the updated information about red light cameras and police surveillance team on watch.

Audible Alerts

There are a few high-tech radar detectors that come with a built-in audio feature. This is a safer option since you no longer need to check the screen for updates while you are on the road. The audio informs you about the various situations on the road. Although these devices are a little more expensive in comparison to the normal radar detector, it’s great for new riders who are not confident about getting their eyes off the road even for a brief period.

Radar detectors are very convenient when used in the right manner, however, you need to ensure your city permits the use of this device before you install it on your motorcycle.



Cleaning a quesadilla maker


Screen-Shot-2015-11-23-at-12.51.12-PMEating quesadillas with its different fillings every now and then is a guilty pleasure for most people. Just imagine the melting cheese on top of your desired filling, inside the tortillas will just make your mouth water. That is why there are people who really need to have a quesadilla maker at their own homes to ensure that they can make the Mexican food anytime of the day whenever they want to. Once you buy a quesadilla maker use it, it is imperative that you know how to clean it properly for a number of reasons.

First, you need to properly clean it for safety and hygienic purposes. You would not want to feed yourself and your family that is prepared on an equipment with many bacteria that can cause diseases, right? That is why cleaning it properly is very important to ensure that you eat your favorite food, while maintaining your health at the same time.

Secondly, it is important to clean your quesadilla maker to make sure that it will continue to function properly. If you leave it unclean after using, it can affect its future performance as some parts of the maker may malfunction.

Cleaning a quesadilla maker is very simple, hence, there is no reason for you, not to clean it after every use at all. To clean your quesadilla maker, simply follow these simple steps:

  • Prepare the things you need so that you won’t have to rush to get it while starting the cleaning process: 1 dish towel, 2 paper towels, and an old soft toothbrush.
  • Place the quesadilla maker on top of the dish towel. This will keep the water from going all over the place.
  • Plug in the appliance and heat it.
  • When hot, unplug it from the socket.
  • Wet two paper towels and place it inside the quesadilla maker, then close.
  • Let it be there for a few minutes, you can pour water on the paper towels again to make them wet.
  • Close it again for a few minutes.
  • Using the old soft toothbrush, scrub gently the crannies and grooves. Repeat until everything is clean.



The idea of traveling in an RV is very appealing especially for those of you who spend most of their time at work or staying at home. If you are planning to drive an RV to a long trip, you should do an elaborate research on travelling by an RV. Being ready for anything will surely make your trip unforgettable.

Cars are just too normal vehicle- we sit comfortably and drive, end of the story. But an RV can bring you to a whole lot different perspective of driving. According to some people who use RVs say that they are very easy to learn, but many others suggest to absorb in the experience of driving RV to get most out of it. I personally want an RV since I was young- let us say from the day I started watching Eliza Thornberry. There is just something with traveling that only an RV can give. You can call it a home in the midst of a whole new place you are going to.

Here are the four helpful tips for a great RV trip


  • You should map your RV travel destination. RV trip is an exhilarating freedom of an open road. You can go wherever and whenever you want, but you must have a clear-cut travel plan in place. See to it that you have the correct road maps and an RV GPS unit, especially if you are new to RV travel and the place. You must plan your trip wisely. Stick to the safe spots rather than going down narrow.
  • Have a thorough checklist of things to do and to bring before your trip. See to it that your RV is sufficient with water and gas and a foolproof electric system. Bring a first aid kit along with you and keep it in an outside storage compartment. Include a list of contacts in case of emergency.
  • Have time for outdoor activities if you are traveling with kids. RV travel is a good way for the children to see new places and faces. You should know your responsibility. Drive slowly over the speed bumps to avoid accidents.
  • No matter how well-traveled you are, there will be a time when you will encounter problems or people you haven’t faced, or spotted and whom you have never heard of. You will meet new folks, who will become an important part of your RV journey. If you are in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask these fellow RV travelers.


Interested to know what is the best electric broom for pet hair?


When I was young, I always wanted to live alone in a house with no kids or any other person except myself. But as time passed by, I decided that somewhere within me I also wanted to have companions in life- and that was when I developed a liking to pets. So I started to adopt one dog and was followed with more pets and currently I live happily with my two dogs and one Himalayan kitten. Actually, not all the time(happy) because every morning I wake up with countless poops and pees all around the house.

I have read about the electric broom which was really the perfect thing for me and my pets. Well, obviously I currently don’t have it so I thought to do more research if this was really the answer to my question- and yes I was not mistaken! I have read a lot about the electric broom for pets that can clean all the mess they leave.

What is great about this electric broom is that it totally works like a vacuum which can clean almost everything our pets leave behind: poo, pee, and even their shedding hair. You may think that you don’t need this because you have your old vacuum at home and it will make no difference since they work the same- well, you are wrong. Electric broom indeed works like a vacuum but it exceeds in other aspects. Firstly, it is very handy- you can simply use one hand to use it unlike other big vacuums wherein it requires a lot of sweat just to get the work done. Secondly, it is small- which is very important for storage. You don’t have to allocate a lot of space for this. In addition to the size, the electric broom is also lightweight- meaning you don’t have to bother yourself to do a lot of effort in transferring the cleaning appliance. Another factor is that electric broom is battery operated. Others won’t like this but a lot of people admires this feature. Others think that they will spend more since you have to buy some batteries just to make it work but there are a lot of rechargeable batteries around and this also saves you the effort of bringing the long cord all around your house.

I always wanted to be an extraordinary woodcrafter. To fulfill this much delayed ambition, I cleaned up my garage this Sunday to made space for woodwork workshop. While looking for the necessary tools for my hobby, it dawned on me that a drill presser is an investment for any woodworker. Why? Aside from the fact that it heightens the ‘feels’ of being an ultimate presser, it gives additional usability and accuracy in work and production. While looking for more information about a drill press I stumbled upon a website that told me everything about the drill presses. Here are some of the most important fixtures you may want to try with your basic drill press:

  • DRILL PRESS TABLE. These tables may vary from basic to deluxe, according to your type. You may choose between a Benchtop Table and a Floor Model Machine. Drawers may come in handy for tables. You can have convenient storage for your drill samples and bits along with other accessories. According to brand, the presence of knobs and mounting tracks may vary. Deluxe ones come with bolt.
  • DRILL PRESS TABLE INSERTS. Too much breakouts on drilling? Have these table inserts. These may reduce break outs when drilling holes. Some may be usable on both sides.
  • DRILL PRESS ROLLER SUPPORT. Two hands are never enough on drill pressing. Do you agree? Well, these roller supports are the answer to your prayers. This tool can be adjusted for accurate levelling. This is a great help in the positioning of wood blocks across the table.
  • FLEX SHAFT. This is very useful for power transfer. This shaft provides smooth utilization of the chuck, or even a corded hand drill. According to brand, the handle may vary that may give you good grip control.
  • DRILL PRESS LASER GUIDE. If you are a perfectionist, then this laser guide is just simply perfect for you. Say goodbye for drill wastes due to wrong angles and positions. Say hello to the much-awaited accuracy and precision! For me, this accessory is the topnotch of them all. Who does not want a bull’s eye target right on center point?! (Yeah, I intended it to be redundant. Because that’s how it feels!)
  • DRILL PRESS CLAMP. This too, is another champ! The Champ Clamp! This holds your wood in place and helps to avoid unwanted movements, thus uniform pressure in ensured. Have them together with the Press Laser Guide, and Voila! You’re on your way to perfection.
  • MAGNETIC BASE LIGHT. This tool is helpful when you get to work in dim areas, or under certain circumstances, you were rushing your work and lights were suddenly out. Let there be light! And there was Magnetic Base Light.


There are also radial drill presses, a subject we will cover in a new post.

Try these to create marvels out of wood!



Frozen yogurt is a much preferred alternative to ice cream because of its low content of fat, so the appearance of so many fro-yo places everywhere should come as no surprise. The good news is that you do not have to shell out 8 bucks for a serving of frozen yogurt at one of these fancy places. Instead, you can make your own frozen yogurt and enjoy it on hot days without worrying that this tasty delight will show on your hips and waistline later on. Here are a couple of frozen yogurt recipes that I really love.


Frozen yogurt with vanilla

I am a big fan of vanilla and that is why as soon as I learned how to make frozen yogurt, I instantly thought about combining it with my favorite aroma. This recipe is really simple and ideal for the times when you are in the mood for something sweet, but you do not want to work hard for it.

You will need the following ingredients:
  • Three cups of Greek yogurt (low fat is preferred to keep the number of calories down)
  • Two thirds of a cup with sugar (white is preferred)
  • One teaspoon of vanilla extract


Mix the yogurt with the sugar and the vanilla extract, until the ingredients are well combined, and the sugar is completely dissolved. Cover the bowl and place it in the refrigerator. You can use an ice cream maker to freeze the mix and transform it into frozen yogurt. After that, a good idea would be to leave it for a couple of hours in the freezer or even overnight, so it obtains the perfect consistency.


Frozen yogurt with raspberry and chocolate chips

Just like ice cream, frozen yogurt can be combined with a large variety of ingredients. Tart fruits like berries work hand in hand with frozen yogurt and you will surely enjoy the taste. Whenever I am in the mood for something sweet, I make this recipe.

First thing first, because I regularly make my own yogurt, I have plenty at hand when I want to make frozen yogurt. From this site:, I learned a lot about how to use a yogurt maker and now I have plenty to go around. Now, onto the recipe, you will need the following:

  • Three cups of raspberries
  • Two cups of low fat yogurt
  • One third of a cup with sugar
  • Half a cup of chocolate chips


Mix the ingredients, minus the chocolate chips, and pour them into an ice cream maker. Add the chocolate chips only at the end. Freeze the mix and serve it after a few hours or the next day.