Always keep a hand crank radio in your car


Emergency weather radios are products especially designed to keep you safe in potentially dangerous circumstances. An emergency weather radio will alert you in any weather hazard situation, or if the weather unexpectedly changes, by receiving alerts coming from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), that uses its own network NWR (National Weather Radio) and frequency to alert civilians in such circumstances.
Moreover, NOAA will also alert you in emergency situations that are not directly linked to the weather in your area, but with environmental disasters such as chemical spills or health emergency situations like epidemics or the presence of harmful bacteria. If you haven’t yet found the time to acquire a weather radio, you should do it as soon as possible. Though many manufacturers have specialized in building high-quality devices, portable or for home use, certain products come equipped with more useful features to help you in dangerous circumstances than others.
Therefore, if you’re looking for a product to keep you alerted at all times, but that is also equipped to help you on the spot, and that you can easily take with you, you should acquire a hand crank radio. Such a device is designed to be portable, so you can take it on the road if you’re travelling, but you can also keep it inside your house or on your front porch. Bottom line, you can always keep it close to you. You can even stick it in your pockets as it comes with reduced dimensions, to enhance its portability.
The most important feature of a hand crank radio is its manually operated energy generator. You can easily spot the crank-handle with which the product is fitted that will enable your radio to function even in situations when its batteries have run down. But, since dangerous situations may not always give you the time to manually recharge your radio, a number of products can be recharged using solar energy or include a USB port so you can recharge it using a computer. However, emergency alert radios include other life-saving features, besides alerting you when it is time to run for your life. Most of them are fitted with powerful lanterns for electric power failure situations and, due to the micro USB feature, they can also recharge your phone if you need it for an emergency phone call.
An emergency radio won’t provide your phone enough energy for you to be able to sustain an hour long conversation, but it will charge it enough for you to be able to call 911 to the rescue. The only thing you should keep in mind when purchasing one is that you must choose carefully what product you buy, as not all of them are able to offer what they promise.

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